Canada is a free and democratic society. It is one of the peaceful nations and maintains peace with almost all countries. In Canada, there is a less crime rate when compared with other countries. Canadians are polite by nature, courteous, and are easy going. That’s the reason we see that it is one of the topmost countries which accepts immigrants and international students on a larger scale.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada will be an ideal place for all those international students who are planning to study abroad as there are so many options available for the students to settle down. Canada is a bilingual country that makes studying an excellent opportunity to learn and develop language skills. Coursework in French and English is an integral part of Canada’s Education System.

There are so many reasons for an international student to study in Canada :-

  1. Leading Education System: Canadian Colleges and Universities are recognized worldwide. Canada Education System encourages cross-disciplinary studies and transferable skills.
  2. Safe and Friendly Environment: Canadians are friendly by nature when compared with other countries. The people of Canada are sweet and have a welcoming nature. The country is known for safety and there is a high standard of living. Canada is listed as one of the top safest countries in the world. People in Canada are bilingual and although Canadians know the French language, they still prefer talking to people in English as it’s a Bilingual Country.
  3. Permanent Residency Options: International students have the option of applying for Permanent Resident status under various categories depending on the province of their study. There are many pathways like Canadian Experience, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Experience Programs, and even for Express Entry.

These are the major factors that have to be taken into consideration while studying in Canada.

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