Are you an aspirant who is looking for migrating to other countries ?? Confused in choosing the best among New Zealand and Canada ???

New Zealand :

New Zealand is a clean and peaceful country. Great climate, beautiful sceneries, great economy, and lifestyle make it a wonderful place to live in.

New Zealand also provides great opportunities for study, work, and business. Various Visa categories that you may apply under are:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Invest
  • Live
  • Visit

If you wish to apply for a Temporary Work Visa for New Zealand, you will need to:

  1. Have an offer of employment from an employer in New Zealand
  2. Should have relevant qualification and work experience relevant to your occupation
  3. Meet health and character requirements

The Visa fee for New Zealand immigration is approximately $3795.

Canada Immigration:

Canada is one of the ideal immigration destinations of the world. Great economy, modern lifestyle, and transparent Govt. policies add to its charm. The quality of life and high per capita income makes it a great place for immigrants.

Canada has a number of immigration programs. Different immigration programs have different eligibility criteria. You would need to check the same before applying under a particular category.

Various Visa programs available for Canada immigration are :

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  2. Federal Trade Program.
  3. Provincial Nominee Program.
  4. Canadian Experience Class.
  5. Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  6. Quebec Experience Program.

The Visa Fee forĀ PR is $550. For children, the fee is $150. Also, for each applicant above 18 years of age, $490 has to be paid as landing fees.

As per India Today, New Zealand has job opportunities but lesser than other popular immigration destinations. The cost of living is also high in New Zealand. A few residents also feel that they are isolated from the world in terms of connectivity and travel.

Canada, on the other hand, has a lot of job opportunities under various categories. Flexible immigration policies make it the first choice for thousands of migrants across the world. Wages and facilities are also great in Canada. However, the climate of the country can be a challenge for many migrants who come from drastically different climatic areas

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